2018 Jan 29 - Bad Conductor Jokes pt1 (Russia Edition)

Are you a conductor? Are you fed up with bad “Rushing” “Russian” puns while rehearsing Shostakovich?

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2017 Dec 17 - Rambow

An action film with lots of violence. (violins, read it out loud)

2017 Nov 23 - iVolin

Don't confuse the charger with a USB-C# connector

2017 Nov 07 - Chessendo

I wonder what percentage of brass/percussion players have at one point played chess on an iPhone during a long rest passage?

2017 Oct 28 - Shark Movie

I was going to title this "Tribute to John Williams" but that's pretty much any movie with a decent soundtrack

2017 Oct 17 - Mondrian

Mondrian's work is actually quite cool and far more varied than you expect once you start browsing through it all

2017 Oct 04 - Dyssoon

I'm not sure which department John Lewis would sell it in

2017 Oct 03 - If Stalin had focussed his energies elsewhere

In an alternative universe, I imagine Stravinsky and Stalin were actually great friends and Mussolini spent 20 years as music director of the La Scala

2017 Sep 12 - Trum-Kit

I'm not actually sure which part of this combination would contribute more noise

2017 Sep 06 - Double(Neck) Bass

It is a crying shame that nobody in Led Zeppelin played double bass on stage.

2017 Aug 29 - Too much Arts Funding

People often say "let's spend as much money on the arts as we do the military" without thinking about potential consequences

2017 Aug 25 - Russian Doll Piano

Is anyone out there a] good at carpentry b] got way too much time on their hands?

2017 Aug 20 - Jurrasic Rosin

In the movie, John Hammond doesn't have too much of a backstory but I like to imagine he was a keen violin player who found the mosquito in some violin rosin and perhaps listened to Saint-Saëns whilst working on the park.

2017 Aug 14 - Pictures at an Exhibition

Sure, Mussorgsky's 1874 version is good, but in my mind it'll always be a poor relation to Emerson, Lake and Palmer's seminal 1971 album.